4 Funeral Home Myths – and Truths

Posted on August 30, 2022 by Hector Beltran under General, Resources
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Throughout our more than eight decades of experience planning funerals with families all around Houston, we’ve noticed that many people – if not most – are reluctant to talk about death. Our Morales Funeral Home staff certainly understands, knowing it’s a difficult and often painful topic. But we’ve also noticed that a lack of conversation and fact-sharing about funeral homes can lead to misinformation and misconceptions. We’re here to provide the truth.

Our professional team genuinely cares about the families we serve, knowing they are going through one of the most difficult times in their lives. We’re always available to answer questions and talk through end-of-life options. Here, we’ll address four common myths and provide information so you can have a clearer understanding of Morales Funeral Home and the services we offer.

Myth #1: Funerals are incredibly expensive

Truth: Many of our neighbors have been surprised to find that a meaningful funeral is much more affordable than they thought, regardless of their budget. As a family-owned funeral home, we have the flexibility to offer a multitude of options without running into red tape or corporate oversight. You can even find some funeral and cremation package prices on our website, such as direct cremation for as low as $1,295. We believe every family in Houston should be able to afford a dignified farewell for their loved one – and we’re here to make that happen. Don’t ever let financial concerns hold you back from contacting us.

Myth #2: Funeral directors are all about the bottom line.

Truth: From our humble beginnings in 1931, when Felix and Angela Morales opened the first Hispanic-owned funeral home in Houston, to today, Morales Funeral Home has been all about family and heritage. Under the leadership of Felix and Angela’s granddaughter, Morales President and CEO Christina Morales, you can rest assured that our team is carrying on a legacy of integrity. Our passion has nothing to do with the bottom line. For us, it’s about serving families with dignity and respect – which is an honor and a privilege we never take for granted.

Myth 3: You can’t have a funeral if you choose cremation.

Truth: Families can celebrate their loved one’s life in many ways before or after cremation takes place. This includes everything from a funeral or memorial service to a visitation and reception. Some hold a service prior to the cremation and have their loved ones present. Others prefer to spend time privately with their loved one before the cremation and postpone the service to a later date, even weeks or months after the death of their loved one.

Myth #4: Funerals are always sad.

Truth: A funeral is about bringing those you love together at a time of loss. With Morales Funeral Home, our caring staff can help you plan a service anywhere, and any way, you want. Often, laughter and music comingle with tears and shared memories. One of the reasons we encourage Houstonians to preplan their own arrangements is so they can set a certain tone through determining the details. Maybe you want a joy-filled celebration of life as opposed to a more somber gathering. By getting your wishes in writing, you can craft a final farewell that reflects exactly who you are.

We hope this blog helps clear up misconceptions, and that you’ll feel comfortable reaching out to us anytime. Our compassionate, professional staff is always here for you.

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