COVID-19 Lost Loved One Fund

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Update 03/23/21: MAM is no longer accepting applications. FEMA is expected to roll out a program in April. Click here for the latest.Click here for the latest.

Made possible by the Greater Houston COVID-19 Recovery Fund
Jointly led by United Way of Greater Houston and the Greater Houston Community Foundation

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To provide flexible financial assistance for families that have lost an immediate family member due to COVID-19. Financial assistance will be paid to an immediate family member who lived in the same household as the deceased, and could be used to address immediate or urgent needs such as funeral arrangements, rent/mortgage payments, utilities bills, medical expenses, or any other unmet needs.

Type of assistance provided:  

$3,500 in flexible financial assistance per death in a household, and information and referrals to grief counseling.


Documentation Requirements:

COVID-19 related death:

  • Death certificate or
  • Funeral home documentation or
  • Letter from physician or other medical care provider

Photo ID (for both deceased and beneficiary)

  • Government issued ID such as US or foreign passport, US or foreign driver’s license, Consular Identification, etc.

Proof of residency within Harris, Fort Bend, Montgomery and Waller Counties. (for both deceased and beneficiary)Document(s) must include name(s) and address. 

  • Government issued ID, utility/phone bill, copy of lease, medical bill, benefits stub, etc.
To apply:

Please submit an online application:

English Application | Aplicación en español


For support in submitting the online application, please contact Memorial Assistance Ministries: Para asistencia, comuníquese con Memorial Assistance Ministries:

Phone/Telefono: (713) 468-4516 ext. 149
Email: [email protected]/

If you need documentation from us, please email [email protected] for assistance.

Additional information can be found here:

2 thoughts on “COVID-19 Lost Loved One Fund

  1. Maria Lopez says:

    I filled out information for this. How will we know about this.

    1. Hector Beltran says:

      Hi Maria! For updates on your application or for support please contact Memorial Assistance Ministries

      Phone/Telefono: (713) 468-4516 ext. 149
      Email: [email protected]/

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