How to Start the Year Off Right

Posted on January 14, 2022 by Hector Beltran under General
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Whether we feel we are stumbling into the new year or walking in with our heads held high, this new calendar year offers us an opportunity to mentally reset and work towards leaving the troubles of the past behind. Even though many things have been way outside of our control in recent years, what we must always remember is that we can maintain control of our own attitudes moving forward. We must not let whatever failures or losses we have had to face push us down and spoil our future possibilities to love, to grow, to experience new things, and to enjoy our time with our loved ones. It is never too late to start enjoying our lives and to start making the most of every day that we are gifted on this Earth. We should take every January as an opportunity to turn the page and to start off the next twelve months ahead of us on the right foot. In order to do so, we must be willing to do the mental and emotional work that will lead us on the path to a fruitful year.

Whatever mistakes we have made in the past do not have to continue to define us. Every day we wake up we can choose to take control of how we define ourselves. Each moment we have on this Earth is an opportunity to improve ourselves and to improve our relationships, but achieving this requires a lot of honesty with ourselves. We need to be honest about what we are feeling right now at this moment as the new year starts so we can learn to deal with it in a way that is loving and gentle with ourselves. It is okay if the past year was rough on us for whatever cause, and it is okay if the best thing we can do for ourselves today is ask for help. It is not necessary that we have all the answers within ourselves to life’s greatest problems.  We are social creatures, and we need each other’s support to be able to journey through life gracefully. If you ever feel like you are not moving forward, perhaps you need to surround yourself with wise counsel, whether that be professional help, religious guidance, or simply healthy conversation with trusted friends or family. We most certainly cannot move forward in emotional isolation.

In order to start off on the right foot, we need to have the courage to dive headfirst into our goals. If the last few years have proven anything to us, it is that life is not always going to go the way we want it to. However, this should not deter us from going after what we want. This year, do not hesitate to set your resolutions as always. While the reality of the circumstances is not always ideal, life is going to go on and time is going to move forward no matter what we do, so we should seek to find joy and fulfillment in each day and in each moment and not let life pass us by. Step into the year confidently and lovingly and watch how the world will do its own work too to open up your path.

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