Infusing Meaning and Beauty into a Cremation Service

Posted on April 17, 2018 by Hector Beltran under Cremation
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For many years, people thought if they chose cremation rather than a traditional funeral and burial, they could not have a meaningful and personal ceremony. But if anyone has seen trends and traditions evolve over time, it’s the team at Morales Funeral Home. There was a time when the Catholic church did not allow cremation, but now they do. Our family business has been in the Houston area since 1931, and we’ve noticed this shift: More and more families are viewing cremation and an accompanying service as a dignified way to commemorate a loved one.

Families who choose cremation now have numerous options for celebrating a loved one. With cremation, you can still have a visitation, memorial service, traditional, religious funeral service, or graveside observance. Our professional staff can help arrange every detail.

For example, as with traditional funerals, many families play favorite music during a cremation service. This adds a personal touch, and an emotional component, since music often prompts us to access and embrace our feelings, however painful they may be. Readings and prayers are another way to capture the unique life, personality, and philosophies of our loved one.

Many of our families also make use of our beautiful candle wall – to light a candle and say a prayer in memory of their loved one. It is infusing the memorial service with these kinds of personal moments – that tie into a person’s faith, traditions, and wishes that really helps a family begin down the road to healing.

We can arrange to have doves, butterflies, or balloons released at the close of the service. Treasured possessions can be displayed, as well as favorite photos. Or think about distributing a keepsake gift, such as seed packets if your loved one enjoyed gardening or the outdoors or their favorite candy.

Another way to infuse meaning is with the choice of cremation container, such as an urn, for the process itself. Again, the options are many and can be personalized. In this case, an urn can feature an emblem or engraving to reflect religious affiliation, hobbies, special interests, and/or military or civic service. When you meet with us, we can talk about where to place the cremated remains.

All of us at Morales Funeral Home want families to know that cremation does not have limitations, but instead, provides you with multiple, personal ways to say goodbye to your loved one. Paying tribute is the first step in the healing process and we are here for you every step of the way. If you have questions, or would like to begin the preplanning process, please reach out to us today.



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