The Power of an Engaged Community Member

Posted on January 16, 2020 by Hector Beltran under Morales Memorial Foundation

It’s a question we often ask ourselves at Morales Funeral Home: How are we making the world a better place? How are we showing compassion and love to our Houston neighbors? Every day, we work with families to design healing experiences when they lose a loved one. We do everything possible to help honor and celebrate life, but we also want to extend our care beyond our funeral home doors. We’re always thinking of how we can serve, lead, and give back to Houston’s East End. That’s also why our co-founder, Angela Morales, started the Morales Memorial Foundation in 1993, with the mission of empowering, inspiring, and educating the Latino community for future leadership.

Today, Angela’s granddaughter, Christina Morales, is carrying on the legacy of service and leadership with great pride – both as president and CEO of Morales Funeral Home and as president of the Morales Memorial Foundation. She works with a whole team to empower young people in our area to continue with their education and pursue positions in leadership. We believe community involvement like this can lead to lasting change. After all, we live here, work here, send our children to school here – and we want this community to thrive.

One of our favorite ways to engage with our neighbors is our annual Back to School Giveaway and Health Fair. Believe it or not, this is our 23rd year hosting this event – and we consider it a huge honor. In addition to giving away more than 2,000 school supply kits each year, we also partner with organizations that provide free immunizations, sports physicals, and dental screenings. To top it off, there are refreshments and door prizes including bicycles and a laptop! We don’t say this to brag – we say it to inspire you to do something similar. Here are other suggestions for giving back:

  • Visit a senior center.
  • Organize a yard sale and donate the money to a local charity.
  • Cook for those in need. This could be for a neighbor who has a hard time getting out of the house, or an organization that provides meals for those who are hungry.
  • Donate blood.
  • Reach out to an animal shelter and find out what their needs are. Who knows, you may end up walking dogs or caring for kittens!
  • Tutor or read to/with students at a local school.
  • Share your skills. From gardening to cleaning to fixing things around the house, we all have abilities we could use to help another person.

Plain and simple, it’s about neighbors helping neighbors – and that helps our community. We hope it inspires others to look for ways they too can give back! For more information about our services, or to learn how you can volunteer with the Morales Memorial Foundation, contact us today.

2 thoughts on “The Power of an Engaged Community Member

  1. Great article, great words. Always inspired and encouraged by the work of Morales Memorial Foundation!

    1. Hector Beltran says:

      Thank you Gloria! We are pleased to work with you and Barrio Dogs.

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