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Posted on August 26, 2019 by Hector Beltran under Preplanning
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Many of us try to avoid talking about death – especially our own death – as much as possible.

However, preplanning funeral arrangements can bring peace of mind to both you and your family members, who will already be struggling in the aftermath of your death.

At Morales Funeral Home, we strive to work hand in hand with you, to listen to your wishes and needs, and to deliver the vision you have for your celebration of life. We want to make this process as simple as possible, and our staff members have decades of experience to help you navigate through these tough decisions.

Here are five major considerations to take into account as you get started.

1.) Establish a budget

You plan ahead for every other important event in life, so why not your funeral? It is already very difficult for families to walk through the grieving process. Adding the planning of funeral and burial arrangements to that will cause them even more stress, which could lead to overspending or arguments about making the best decision.

When you preplan, you are able to control the finances and decide what your non-negotiables are. At Morales Funeral Home, we have options for every budgetto meet your needs and wishes.

2.) Decide between cremation or burial

Many important factors go into this major decision. For some people, there could be cultural or religious considerations when it comes to cremation. For others, it may come down to budgetary preferences. Whatever you decide, our staff will help you answer questions every step of the way.

3.) Determine if you will pre-pay

You do not necessarily have to pre-pay when you preplan your arrangements. If you do decide to pre-pay, you can alleviate that financial pressure from your family. If you do not want to pre-pay, we will keep all of your preferences on file for when the time comes.

4.) Learn about government benefits

Many people are unaware of the federal and state programs available to help pay for a funeral. In some situations, dependents and survivors could be eligible for benefits, such as death payments and Medicare. Veteranswho are honorably discharged can also qualify for a cemetery plot and burial allowances, a monument, and a burial flag.

Our staff at Morales Funeral Homeis knowledgeable about all of these benefits and will help determine if you are eligible and assist you with the necessary paperwork.

5.) Choose your final resting place

The process of determining your final resting place is a very personal decision that could involve several cultural or religious factors. There are many options available including everything from burial in another state or country to having your cremated remains scattered in a meaningful location. Our staff at Morales Funeral Home will coordinate all of the necessary services and can even research the laws for other areas to help you make it happen.

This process seems overwhelming, but we’re here to make the preplanning process as simple as possible. Fill out this online form to get started or contact us to ask questions. Also make sure to check out the resources on our FAQ page.

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