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Posted on September 12, 2018 by Hector Beltran under General
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One of the ways our staff at Morales Funeral Home shows support to the Houston families we serve is by helping them feel as relaxed and cared for as possible – in every way possible. It was clear this is what motivated Felix and Angela Morales when they opened Morales Funeral Home in 1931, and it’s still our priority today. Consider the words of Angela Morales: “Families call at all hours in pain grieving over the loss of someone they loved. In this business, we can show them compassion; we can show them love and make it easier. We help people; you have no idea how good that makes me feel.”

Some view the end of a loved one’s life as a time to grieve and mourn, but we see it as so much more. A meaningful funeral or memorial services provides the opportunity for reflection, appreciation, and even celebration. This is evident in everything we do from the way we honor a life to the amenities we offer.

The newest way we are going the extra mile for families who walk through our doors is by installing an electronics charging station. We know the time following a loved one’s death is often filled with phone calls, texts, and other attempts to communicate with family and friends. We also know how often connections are made via cell phones, smart watches, tablets, and laptops. Having this addition to our facility provides a truly tangible way to make things a little bit easier for our families. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve seen the stress on someone’s face as they’re making arrangements via phone calls and texts – only to have their phone battery drain. We knew installing a charger would save families time and stress, so that’s exactly what we did.

We try to think of every way to make hard times a little less difficult. Consider the beauty of our funeral home itself. With the help of professional decorators, we’ve created a beautiful and comfortable environment for families to gather. The soothing colors, sophisticated yet comfortable décor, and acres of nature provide an environment where people can relax, take a deep breath, and find quiet joy.

Or take our grief support resources, which bring comfort to grieving families. Access online counseling services, join in with group grief support, or watch our interactive videos, anytime day or night. Could you benefit from a daily dose of encouragement and inspiration? Sign up for daily emails to get hope and motivation delivered to your inbox, each and every morning.

We want you to know we are committed to helping you through a difficult time. We want you to feel welcomed and comfortable . . . always. Come visit us at our Houston location, or reach out to us with questions anytime. It is our pleasure and our passion to meet the needs of area families – including yours.

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